If you have ever consumed vitamins at any time in your life—and two-thirds of us have, according to health surveys—you have probably unwittingly bought into one of the most enduring and toxic myths to ever shape public health consciousness.

Scientists have never successfully created an apple from scratch in a laboratory. Only nature has proven its ability to produce apples. As the scientist Carl Sagan once aptly put it, “if you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”

Under current law a vitamin marketed as natural only has to contain 10 percent of genuinely natural, plant-derived ingredients—the other 90 percent of ingredients can be synthetic—for the manufacturers to make that deceptive claim. If a product contains even one carbon atom, it can legally be called 100 percent organic.

an imageYour body knows the difference even though synthetics are designed to try and trick it. Natural nutrients are absorbed readily because we are biologically programmed to recognize the naturally occurring compounds as genuine nutrients.

Synthetic vitamin manufacturers want you to believe there is no difference between synthetic and natural products because the synthetics are cheaper to produce and thus carry a much higher profit margin.

Nature gave us a promise. It was the promise of good health and long life if we use its nutrients wisely as our medicine.an image

While our knowledge and awareness of vitamins as important nutrients came about relatively recently, most of the ancient healing traditions dating back 5,000 years demonstrated some recognition that certain herbs and plants contained an invisible substance with an energy or life force that could reverse serious health conditions.



In the book Supplements Exposed we will help you redefine and understand what constitutes a "real" vitamin. (See the following chromatography example.)

Vitamin_C _ Natural
Vitamin_C _ Synthetic

Acerola (a tropical cherry)- Natural C Jagged border and strong radiations indicate intrinsic factors, vitamins, and enzyme activity.

Pure Commercial Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid). Typical rings of ascorbic acid but no biologically active ingredients.



Following is an energy photograph of Amla-C, a naturally occuring, food-derived vitamin C tablet illustrating a strong bio-energy field. The results of Kirlian photography study indicate the electromagnetic field surrounding natural Amla berry vitamin C and synthesized ascorbic acid vitamin C materials.

Vitamin_C _ Natural
Vitamin_C _ Synthetic

Amla C Sample.

Other Vitamin C Sample (Ascorbic Acid).

It is quite easy to see the difference in vital energy that each material offers.